From PPP to SDG

As a journalistic platform, P+ has been researching the latest developments in the field of sustainability since 2002. Presenting Best Practices for a sustainable future is essentially what distinguishes P+ from other media, for the past 20 years.


The early years of P+

Since September 2002, P+ has been giving substance to the 'Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century: People Planet Profit (PPP). It was John Elkington from Britain who launched this idea a quarter of a century ago. It turned out to be a very useful framework for getting corporate social responsibility (CSR) off the ground. Combining these three elements allowed companies to advance their social, environmental and economic efforts. As a medium, P+ played a key role in this development, in collaboration with founders and partners of the media platform.


From Profit to Purpose

The formula of the '3 P's' has always been played with. Readers of P+ were quick to suggest that many more P’s should be added, such as the P for Pleasure. More fundamental was the approach of non-commercial organizations such as governments, educational institutions and international organizations, which preferred to exchange the P of Profit for that of Prosperity instead of financial profit. More recently, a new 'competitor' has emerged for Prosperity: the P for Purpose. This is for entrepreneurs for whom corporate social responsibility does not go far enough. They put the entire company mission at the service of a social goal.


From PPP to SDG

The United Nations implemented these social goals in a very practical way in 2015 with the worldwide launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With 17 'Goals', companies gained focus. From now on they can focus their business activities on sustainable applications, preferably combinations of different goals. The social 'People' elements were now given goals such as education, health, inclusiveness. The 'Planet' elements were given goals such as combating climate change, biodiversity, clean water, availability of sustainable energy.


The circle is round

SDG17 is that of partnerships. That completes the circle. From the start, P+ has always been a unique media platform where companies and organizations shared their knowledge with the rest of society. In recent years, presenting the Best Practices in the field of the Sustainable Development Goals of our partners has become increasingly important.


A sister website on biodiversity

SDG15 ‘living on land’ in particular is seen as a 'difficult' mission. This goal focuses on preserving and restoring the earth's biodiversity. The editors of P+ have had a special interest for years in this theme, which is closely linked to global warming. It is so important to present the Best Practices in this area that this separate 'sister site' of P+ has been launched. This can be found under the URLs and Will you take on this enormous challenge with us?


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